• contracts for change/ personal growth directed toward creating desired life experience

  • ego states and the intra-psychic model for understanding our own psychology

  • understand why we do what we do and how to shift our responses in daily life; break old patterns and get unstuck

  • discover your personality adaptation and what you decided to do in order to get along in the world and feel ok; healing maladaptive behaviors and perceptions



  • understand your psychology: get to know your ego states, the internalized Parent, Adult, and Child

    • identify the drivers and counter injunctions that you developed early in life

    • identify distorted beliefs you hold outside of your awareness about the world, yourself, and others

  • discover the logic behind your emotions and how thinking drives your feelings and initiates behavior

    • learn how to use unpleasant emotions as guides

    • learn how to problem-solve instead of withdrawing, acting out, or getting stuck

    • learn about depression and anxiety and what causes these intense emotions

    • gain power over your thoughts and feelings and take charge of your own behavior

  • meet your authentic Self, identify your False Self and be real

  • become a superb communicator

    • build practical skills

    • learn to recognize psychological games and power plays

    • learn to read body language and understand the meaning and message behind your own body language

  • create a contract for personal change and live the life you want to live

  • interdependence vs. codependence within the relationship: get your needs met by asking directly, understand what it means to discount yourself and others and stop rescuing

  • navigate the path to adulthood: how to share power, trust yourself, and get what you want


Learning Assessments for All Ages

  • word recognition: sight words and phonemic awareness

  • reading comprehension

    • following auditory and written directions

    • note-taking and test preparation

    • test anxiety

  • written and verbal communication