Advancing Emotional Intelligence

OneYou supports individuals, families, and groups in resolving conflict, communicating clearly, and connecting genuinely with others. We all face emotional challenges within our family, workplace, peer group, and within our Selves. Emotionally evolved people know how to problem solve; they process unpleasant emotions and use them to guide their actions, rather than feel stuck and confused. OneYou works with people to create meaningful relationships within the family, workplace and community. 

We know that every human being is fundamentally OK and possesses inherent value, worth, and dignity, and that every person has the capacity to think and make changes for themselves according to what they want. And we believe that people can get their needs met better through cooperation than competition. Rather than see the world as us and them, we adopt an I and Thou understanding of people. Ultimately, it is our relationship to our Self that drives all other relational experiences.



“Nothing happens until something moves.” — Albert Einstein